Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Home Sales As Bad As Existing Homes

New home sales tumbled 26.4% last year, the largest yearly drop on record. Sales were down 4.7% in December, with median home prices dropping 10.4% year-over-year, the biggest 12-month decline in 37 years. These numbers don’t account for cancellations, so actual sales were probably even lower. Furthermore, I guess most sales featured additional incentives, so the prices are inflated, too. The median price of a new home increased a mere 0.2% to $246,900 in 2007 – if incentives were taken into consideration, new home prices would drop as well. The inventory of unsold homes is at 9.7 months’ worth, which is close to a record high, so there’s no light at the end of the tunnel for home builders. An economic stimulus package? Financial innovation, anyone?

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Property in Brazil said...

I think the market has got the least point here for the record low in sales of the homes. This is not a good impact of the market.
What may be the reasons behind this that make this great flaw here?
Is there any chance to go up from here?