Thursday, January 24, 2008

Merrill: Housing Prices To Drop 15% This Year

Analysts at Merrill Lynch predict that Real Estate prices will fall 15% in 2008, and continue to slide in 2009. The NAR disagrees: in their rosy outlook, prices will be flat this year, with a 5.3% drop in the first quarter and a rebound in the second half of the year. According to Merrill Lynch, housing starts will drop 30% by the end of the year – a likely scenario that doesn’t bode well for home builders. “The reduction in housing starts is not stabilizing the economy, but it will stabilize the market”, said the NAR’s Lawrence Yun – at least he got this one right. The Fed’s rate cut will probably help sales, but it is unlikely to change the situation dramatically. Rather, 2008 will be just as bad for homebuilders as 2007. There’s little hope for a successful spring buying season, although lower interest rates and dropping prices could lure buyers to the market. Much will depend on consumer confidence and commodity prices in coming months. If the slowdown is more severe than expected and unemployment keeps growing at the same pace, many potential buyers may choose to delay a home purchase.

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Property in Brazil said...


This is not a good season for the sellers that the prices are keeping low then usual. It is the over all trend in all the real estate markets that the prices are keeping low and hence dropping the chances for the realtors and sellers to get any benefits. But the buyers will be enjoying a good time here. I think it will take a little more time for the prices to start rise up.