Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Countrywide Didn’t Keep Its Promise

Countrywide Financial, the nation’s biggest mortgage lender reported its 4th quarter financial results yesterday. After a $1.2 billion loss in Q3, the company said it expected a profit in Q4, but failed to achieve that, as expected. Countrywide posted a loss of $422 million, much better than the previous quarter, but well, still a loss. However, Bank of America affirmed investors that it is still eager to acquire the mortgage lender, so shares of both businesses went up. Overall, the 4th quarter results were pretty bad in every sense: loan fundings were almost cut in half compared to a year earlier, and loan-loss provisions increased more than 12 times from $73 million to $924 million for the same period. The delinquency rate on subprime mortgages was 33% in Q4, up from 29.6% the previous quarter. And finally, it currently holds $395 million in foreclosed real estate – now that one’s gonna be hard to get rid of.

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