Thursday, January 10, 2008

And now, KB Home

Big Wall Street banks will report 4th quarter results in the coming weeks, and those are expected to be very, very bleak. But until then, home builders’ financial troubles will be in the spotlight. Shares of KB home lost 9% after the company reported a $773 million loss in Q4, 7 times the expected number. And they didn’t sweeten the pill either: Chief Executive Jeffrey Mezger said he expects the market to remain bad for a while, due to oversupply, low affordability and declining consumer confidence. Although revenue fell, the company increased its cash reserve, which, according to analysts, should help it survive the downturn. The surprising part was that KB Home placed a special emphasis on its “strategic partnership” with Countrywide. Amid fears that the lender might go under, it’s hard to see why this partnership is so important, but I guess they can always find another lender to work with if they have to. As for Countrywide, delinquency and foreclosure rates on its loans hit record highs in December, and loan origination dropped almost 50% year-over-year. It will report its financial results for Q4 later this month, too.

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