Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Countrywide Bankruptcy Rumors Float Again

Countrywide managed to produce a bunch of bad news in a day – again. Its stock plunged more than 20%, its biggest decline since October 1987, on bankruptcy rumors and speculation. In a fresh hit to Countrywide’s reputation, it was revealed that the lender has fabricated documents related to a bankruptcy case. The papers were presented to the court as evidence of Countrywide’s actions, but they had apparently never been sent to the borrower. Although it tried to explain that this was not fabrication per se, Countrywide has finally ruined its reputation. Rumors about credit rating agencies considering downgrading Countrywide and a possible bankruptcy were dismissed by the lender. At this point, if you think you’re having a déjà vu, relax: this has indeed happened before. In fact, rumors about Countrywide considering filing for bankruptcy protection sent the company’s stock falling several times in 2007, most recently a couple of months ago. The lender will report its 2007 fourth quarter and year-end earnings, and host a live webcast on January 29. Currently, Countrywide shares trade at a little below $6.

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