Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An Unlikely Alliance

Not so long ago a nonprofit group called NACA organized a piquet in front of Countrywide’s offices, and now the two organizations are teaming up to help keep borrowers in their homes. Nice for Countrywide’s public image, good for NACA as well. Refinancing options will be offered to borrowers facing loan resets, totaling approximately 52,000 consumers holding $10 billion in loans. Consumers with good payment histories will be offered prime or FHA loans instead of their current mortgages. Loan modifications will also be offered to 20,000 prime and subprime borrowers who can’t afford to refinance. NACA will provide individual counseling and help borrowers develop an “Affordability Budget” to deal with their mortgage payments. Plans developed by the group will be submitted to Countrywide for approval and implementation. So the NACA’s efforts did pay off after all.

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