Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Rate Cut Seems Likely

As the next Fed meeting approaches, the likelihood of another rate cut seems pretty high, although some doubts remain. The Government is manifestly not concerned about the dollar, as Treasury Secretary H. Paulson vetoed proposals to use the G7 final statement to warn of problems affecting European economies due to a weak dollar. This may mean that the currency will be allowed to fall further, should the Fed decide to cut rates to boost economic fundamentals.

However, another rate cut could accelerate inflation, and with oil hitting the psychological barrier of $90 a barrel, this could be a serious concern weighing on the Fed’s decision. Housing data for September coming later this week will be important for the Fed’s decision, too. There is no doubt that existing-home sales and new-home sales will fall, the question is whether the drop will exceed expectations, and how the Fed will interpret the data.

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