Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dollar In Freefall

The dollar hit yet another record low against the Canadian dollar, which traded at $1.1040. This is the lowest rate since 1950. The Greenback fell against other currencies as well, and quite significantly. It hit a 26-year low against the pound at $2.1052, and a 23-year low against the Australian dollar, which was priced at nearly $0.94. The Euro traded at $1.47 yesterday, the highest since the inception of the 13-nation currency.

China announced that it will diversify its foreign exchange reserves, which may further weaken the dollar. Chinese officials no longer regard the dollar a “world currency”, according to Xu Jian, a central bank director. Analysts believe that further weakening of the dollar is likely, although some indices would suggest a bottoming out of the dollar’s freefall.

The dollar’s weakness pushed crude oil prices higher to a new record of $98/barrel, while gold reached a 27-year high. Good news for anyone trading in those commodities and for export companies. Add to this the facts that the economy isn’t exactly booming and troubles in the Real Estate market are far from over. And one of these days someone may officially call a recession. The world is changing…

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