Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Fed cuts rates

We had some doubts, but finally the Fed did cut rates – by half a percentage point, to 4.75%. And what we have now is plenty of opinions on what’s next. According to economists, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is likely to cut rates again before the end of this year, at least by .25%. The next cut could happen as early as October, at the next Fed meeting. Analysts seem to believe that the rate cut will be only a temporary relief to mortgage lenders. For borrowers, interest rates may change little, or not at all, depending on their loan terms and the index their interest rate is pegged to.

For some, however, the new rate may bring a big improvement for their monthly payments. Bank of America, for example, reacted immediately on the news, cutting its prime lending rate. Rates on credit cards are expected to drop, too.

Investors fear that the rate cut will have a negative impact on the dollar and the bond market, potentially driving the economy into a recession. Gold and stocks rose significantly after the cut was announced.

In other news, Accredited Home Lenders and Lone Star have amended their merger agreement. The new price for Accredited stock is $11.75, well above its market value at the moment.

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