Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Subprime crisis scarier than terrorism

A survey performed by the National Association of Business Economics found that experts believe loan defaults and the ensuing financial crisis are the biggest short-term threat to the U.S. economy. Until recently, terrorism was considered the #1 threat. 32% of the participants of the survey named the subprime crisis as the biggest threat to the economy. Terrorism came at #2 with 20%. Other issues on the list included inflation, government spending and the account deficit. The cost of health care was also mentioned as a major concern.

And now that everyone admits that subprime is indeed a problem and that it is already contaminating the entire economy, we don’t really see a solution coming from any of the usual suspects. What we’re seeing is more panic, because the current situation is unprecedented, so analysts don’t know what to expect. Nothing good in any case, I guess.

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