Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New "Serving Those Who Serve" Initiative

"Serving those who serve” is a special initiative taken up by Countrywide Financial and Rebuilding Together, the nation’s largest volunteer home-repair organization. The aim of the program is to provide home improvements and repairs to injured military personnel returning from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Soldiers and veterans who’ve participated in Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom Operations and suffered severe injuries are eligible, as they face life-altering situations at home. The repairs and modifications provided usually include widening doorways and hallways to allow passage by individuals using mobility aids, installing ramps and no step entries, as well as replacing the roof or floors, repairing plumbing, heating and cooling systems, replacing appliances and installing handrails. Such programs make people feel that their service and sacrifice is being appreciated, so it’s nice to learn the #1 mortgage lender is taking part, helping those who really need help. It’s always nice to find out about initiatives that actually assist people in acquiring a house or improving their home, instead of “affordable loans” that cost borrowers dearly in the long run.

Over the weekend, PRNewswire issued a press release covering a current project involving Countrywide and Rebuilding Together, aimed to make improvements and modifications to the home of Sgt. Christopher Edwards, who was injured in Iraq in April 2005. The home is located in Cibolo, Texas, and will require remodeling the bathroom with a zero entry shower, replacement of carpeting with wood flooring, widening doorways and entry ways and other improvements.

Countrywide Financial Corporation is contributing more than $1.2 million to the program, and many of its employees have volunteered to help in the home repair work. Any donations of both money and volunteer work are welcome. Fannie Mae, Home Depot and Honeywell are also listed as sponsors of the program.

More information can be found on the program’s website,

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